Track Stolen laptops & delete Private data using FIREFOX

FireFound is firefox addon which helps you to track your stolen laptops and delete your Private data. FireFound

FireFound is hands down the best security add-on for Firefox. It is a recently launched add-on which can track the location of your laptop if lost or stolen. It shows you the approximate geolocation along with the WiFi Network it last connected to.

Once the add-on is installed, you will be asked to create a new account with FireFound(requires only username and password). When done, simply head over to the Options and choose to receive notification when the computer is used more than 2 miles(or any number of miles defined by the user) from it’s previous location.

It can delete all data if you activate the Emergency Data Protection mode from the FireFound Dashboard. You can select which data should be deleted from the Options, when this mode is activated.


Head over to the FireFound page and hit Login, enter the Username and Password and you will be shown the last known location along with the coordinates, IP address, city name, and WiFi network.


All information send or received is encrypted, so there is nothing to worry about the security. You can activate data protection from the main control panel which is located under the My Data tab.

Once you activate the data protection mode, the user who is using the browser will have to provide the password, if the password is wrong, the data which you selected to be deleted will be wiped out.


The only feature I would love to see is an option to backup the data before wiping it out. Having said that, I believe this add-on is a must for every user who prefer to protect his data. It can also track your mobile since it also works with Fennec(mobile Firefox).

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Windows 7 : How to create Adhoc Network in Windows seven Starter Edition.

Windows7 Starter edition dodn’t have an option for setting up an Ad-Hoc network in the Network and Sharing Center.

On Microsoft product page it is stated that ad-hoc connection is not available in Windows 7 Starter edition. But as it all turns out, you can in fact use the ad-hoc network in Starter edition.

Microsoft has promoted Windows 7 Starter edition in a bizarre way. Sure, it is a stripped down version of Windows 7 most suitable for netbooks but saying that it can’t create or be part of ad-hoc network is stupid and misleading.

Most guides, including the one we wrote here, ask users to head over to the Network and Sharing Center and then set up ad-hoc network. But the ad-hoc shortuct is missing from Windows 7 Starter edition(see screenshot below).

If you are using Windows 7 Starter, you are licensed to use the ad-hoc network but NOT licensed to use the ad-hoc network shortcut inside Network and Sharing Center. Read the sentence again, we are talking about ‘ad-hoc network’ and the ‘ad-hoc network shortcut’ inside Network and Sharing Center. So Microsoft is actually confusing the hell out of novice users.

Want to set up ad-hoc network? Simply head over to Start Search, type adhoc, and hit Enter. This will open up the Ad-hoc Network connection wizard. Simple as that.

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