Suhas Gopinath: World's Youngest CEO.

SUHAS GOPINATH, CEO & PRESIDENT, of GLOBALS INC.(born November 4, 1986 bengluru).

His story inspires many young people in India and abroad. At the age of 12, he launched a web site called and at the age of 14 was recognised as the world’s youngest certified professional web-developer through his project

Suhas Gopinath went on to set up Globals Inc, in 2000 at San Jose, California as he was not allowed to set up a company in India due to his age. From then Globals Inc has grown as a multinational IT consulting company with representation in over 11 countries which includes USA, UK, Germany, Russia, Italy, Spain, Australia, India, Bangladesh, etc.
Mr. Suhas Gopinath at the age of 17 he was recognized as the “World’s Youngest CEO” by leading Medias across the globe.

Under his leadership the team has served more than 400 clients all over the world. At the 2005 International Business Awards held at New York, he was awarded as the “Best International Business Executive” . He was also awarded Karnataka State’s “Rajyotsava” Award on November 1, 2005 and was the youngest in the state’s history to bag this prestigious award.
In June 2009, Suhas Gopinath bagged the "Make a Difference Award" conferred on him by the Incredible Europe at Vienna, Austria.
In October 2009, Suhas Gopinath bagged the "SIP Fellow Award" at the Global Social Innovators Forum 2009 at Singapore.

Just spare few minutes in visiting their website and know what a dynasty the young guy has created. He could be a real inspiration for a lot of us.


How to add Google Buzz button to your blog ?

To add Buzz button to your blog you simply need to add a small piece of code to your blog's HTML content.

Follow the Given steps:

1. Go to Layout > Edit HTML and Expand your widget templates. 

2. Search for following in ur HTML code
if you cant find it, Search for :

3.Immediately after that place following Google Buzz it  Code.

4. You are done..! Now just check your post a button will appear.

You can see the live demo in this post.


Create Static pages in Blogger.

Blogger has finally launced much awaited STATIC PAGES feature. It allows you to create 10 static pages.
About” or “About Me” section and other similar pages of your blog can be included in these static pages.
Now whats the difference between Static page and a blog Post?
Blog posts are time sensitive pieces of information that get listed on your site's blog pages i.e monthly archives pages, category pages an so on; Where as Static pages live outside of the blog chronology, they have no categories and can be ordered in an arbitrary manner.

How to create static page in blogger?

1. Login Blogger Draft  "".
2. Click on NEW POST as you normally do for your posts.
3. Select Edit Pages option from top menu.
4. Click on New Page button.
5. Give Title, write the content and publish. DONE!!

These pages url looks like "" .


Some websites that provide free hosting.

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Ninite - Simplest way to get and install apps.

Ninite is online collection of freeware applications required for personal use. It allows the user to choose the programs and applications they want to install. Ninite automatically installs a program when another application is finished installing.
Installs all your required applicationsto your system in 3 simple steps:
  1. Pick your favorite software.
  2. Start your customized installer.
  3. You're done!
Ninite installs software fast with default settings and says "no" to browser toolbars and other junk.
Ninite checks your PC's language and 64-bit support to install the latest, best version of each program.
Ninite runs on Windows XP/Vista/7 and works in the background unattended and 100% hands-free.
All Ninite does is automatically download and install the apps you select.
It is really helpful for installing application on clean Operating System i.e Systems that are formatted.


MSXML error during installation of MS Office 2010.

Recently Microsoft released the “Beta Microsoft Office 2010” . When I tried it to install on Windows XP, but it gives and error message saying that please install MSXML 6.10.1129.0 blah blah..blah…. If anyone of you facing this problem then here is the solution for it.
Many peoples are saying that the latest version of MSXML may be harmful for other programs installed on your Windows.  It is used as testing by "Microsoft Corporation", and for installing in those PC that are experiencing the first MSXML 6.10.1129.0 as uncompleted. If you desire to setup MSXML 6.10.1129.0 safely for Office 2010. Only you have to do is install ".Net framework 3.5" will automatically updated your MSXML.
So if you have installed old version of .NET like 2.0 then you must install 3.1 version first then you can able install .NET framework 3.5 easily and that’s it. 


Overburn ur disk with Nero 9.

  • Overburning is used to burn more than the normal amount of data onto a disk. The extra space used is the lead out portion of the disk, where about a minute and a half of extra music can be burnt (about 5 to 10 MB in a CD). Using overburning for any other purpose apart from music is too risky as there is a high scope for losing data. However, if it is a small file, then it can be accommodated. Nero lets you find out exactly how much data can fit in. 
  • Test the overburning capacity of your media by starting up Nero DiscSpeed. Go to Extra > Overburning Test. This will take some time as Nero DiscSpeed simulates a complete write of the drive. It lists the capacity, the maximum amount of data that can be accommodated, and the extra space available for overburning. 
  • In Nero Burning ROM, go to File > Options > Expert Features and check Enable Disk-at-once CD overburning or Enable DVD overburning and click on apply.


Wakoopa - Create your own Software profile.

Wakoopa is a social network that helps people discover the best software, games and web apps on the market. Sign-up, install a small tracker on your desktop and automatically create your online software profile that you can share with friends and the world, also through widgets. Wakoopa keeps you updated about what your contacts are using, and sends you smart recommendations. Games, audio & video players, instant messengers or office tools: Wakoopa knows what's hot.

With Wakoopa you know what software you've been using, and how long you've been using it. But you also get updated when a new version comes out or somebody writes a comment or review about your software. 

How does it work? 

  1.  Sign up:
    Sign-up and install our small tracker application on your PC or Mac. This tracks what (web) apps you use, without being too much of a burden.
  2.  Get tracked:
    Every 15 minutes a list of what software you're running is sent to your online profile.
  3.  Share it:
    Tell your friends about your profile or put a Wakoopa widget on your website or blog.
  4.  Get updated:
    When we notice there's news about software you like, we'll let you know. Recommendations, reviews, versions, etcetera: it's there for you. 
  5. Find cool stuff:
    If you ever want to find certain cool applications for the right job in the right category, just browse our database! We've got it all. 

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