Overburn ur disk with Nero 9.

  • Overburning is used to burn more than the normal amount of data onto a disk. The extra space used is the lead out portion of the disk, where about a minute and a half of extra music can be burnt (about 5 to 10 MB in a CD). Using overburning for any other purpose apart from music is too risky as there is a high scope for losing data. However, if it is a small file, then it can be accommodated. Nero lets you find out exactly how much data can fit in. 
  • Test the overburning capacity of your media by starting up Nero DiscSpeed. Go to Extra > Overburning Test. This will take some time as Nero DiscSpeed simulates a complete write of the drive. It lists the capacity, the maximum amount of data that can be accommodated, and the extra space available for overburning. 
  • In Nero Burning ROM, go to File > Options > Expert Features and check Enable Disk-at-once CD overburning or Enable DVD overburning and click on apply.


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