MSXML error during installation of MS Office 2010.

Recently Microsoft released the “Beta Microsoft Office 2010” . When I tried it to install on Windows XP, but it gives and error message saying that please install MSXML 6.10.1129.0 blah blah..blah…. If anyone of you facing this problem then here is the solution for it.
Many peoples are saying that the latest version of MSXML may be harmful for other programs installed on your Windows.  It is used as testing by "Microsoft Corporation", and for installing in those PC that are experiencing the first MSXML 6.10.1129.0 as uncompleted. If you desire to setup MSXML 6.10.1129.0 safely for Office 2010. Only you have to do is install ".Net framework 3.5" will automatically updated your MSXML.
So if you have installed old version of .NET like 2.0 then you must install 3.1 version first then you can able install .NET framework 3.5 easily and that’s it. 


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