Create Static pages in Blogger.

Blogger has finally launced much awaited STATIC PAGES feature. It allows you to create 10 static pages.
About” or “About Me” section and other similar pages of your blog can be included in these static pages.
Now whats the difference between Static page and a blog Post?
Blog posts are time sensitive pieces of information that get listed on your site's blog pages i.e monthly archives pages, category pages an so on; Where as Static pages live outside of the blog chronology, they have no categories and can be ordered in an arbitrary manner.

How to create static page in blogger?

1. Login Blogger Draft  "".
2. Click on NEW POST as you normally do for your posts.
3. Select Edit Pages option from top menu.
4. Click on New Page button.
5. Give Title, write the content and publish. DONE!!

These pages url looks like "" .


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