MetaTrader 4 Terminal - most useful terminal for traders on FOREX, CFD and Futures
MetaTrader 4 Terminal FOREX, CFD, Futures, and Stocks

MetaTrader 4 Client Terminal has a user-friendly front-end trading interface. It provides technical analysis, charting and Expert Advisors to help you develop your own trading strategies.

It is also distinguished for its wide range of functionalities that accommodate the demands of all traders.

Mobile trading (m-trading)
(Mobile trading, m-trading)

MetaTrader 4 Mobile maintains technical analysis, charting and news, and offers live trading via PDA from all over the world.

Be online and remain free!

Forex Software: Our World-Class Forex Trading Platforms

When you trade the nearly $4 trillion-a-day forex market with GFT, you get the advantage of our wide range of free software, which includes all of the tools you need for trading.

Get a practice account using our full-featured trading platform for your desktop, our web-based application that includes forex charts and tools, or our mobile trading software for PDAs, BlackBerry® and cell phones.

All of our forex software includes free currency news, commentary, charts and tools so you can access the information you need to make informed trading decisions.

DealBook® 360

Our flagship forex trading software has won numerous awards, offers visual trading, free charting and analysis tools as well as the ability to build technical indicators and automate your trading.

Forex software - DealBook 360

DealBook® WEB

Web-based trading allows you to access your forex account from any computer with an Internet connection and a web browser. Trade your GFT account using a streamlined ordering screen, sophisticated web-based charting and one-click trading. DealBook® Web gives you the sophistication of most forex trading platforms from almost any web browser.

Forex Trading Software - DealBook Web

DealBook® Mobile

Our mobile forex trading software can be installed on your mobile device, allowing you to trade from nearly anywhere. We offer versions that can be used on Windows Mobile devices, popular cell phones and PDA's, including BlackBerry®, as well as any device that uses wireless application protocols (WAP) or IMode (Japan).

Mobile Forex Trading platform


Our currency trading platform for professionals, GFT | PRIME is an institutional trading platform designed for money managers, institutional traders or high-net worth individuals. You get a forex trading platform that offers you access to multiple interbank pricing and other institutional customers, as well as our smooth and efficient credit process so you no longer have to wait for credit lines at large institutions.

Institutional Trading Platform


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