Blogger Tweak: How to keep a post always on Top

Many people want a particular post to stay always at the top position on your homepage. Actually, Blogger arranges the posts order according to their date & time. So, you can also change your post time to keep it at the top as long as you wish.

If you're writing a post and you want it to stay at top. Just click the Post Options link at the bottom of the post editor and change the date of the post to some future date like 2010. The format of the date is Month/Day/Year like when I'm writing this post, the date is 7/15/09, so I can change 09 to some future year.

If you've already written and published a post then you can go to Edit Posts and then find that post. Once found, click Edit link and post will again open in the Post Editor where you can change it's date.

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