Get rid of restarting your pc after Software install.

Many applications you install in your PC refuses to work without a restart. It’s annoying to restart your computer again just to use the software.

The actual reason for which these software demands restart is that it requires Windows Registry to be re-read. Well, there’s a workaround. To force a registry re-read you just have to terminate and restart the Windows Explorer process(explorer.exe).

You can do it by using Taskmanager and killing explorer.exe process. The other way is to create a batch file which will kill and restart your explorer.exe process.

Type the following commands into an empty text file and save it as ‘reg_read.bat’.(Notice the .bat at the end)

@echo off
taskkill /f /IM explorer.exe

This batch file terminates the explorer.exe process and then restarts it.
Now, whenever you need to make windows reread the registry to avoid a restart after you install a new program, double click on ‘reg_read.bat’ and start using the software right away.


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