ID Based Calling System - BE project

This post is not a techbuzz. It’s about my experience with engineering final year project. My PL(Exam preparation leave) is goin on and I have nothing to do so thought of writing this post.
It all began with selecting team mates and searching project topics. Making group was fairly easy but finding out what project to do was really hectic. We were a group of three: Me(Hetul Gabani)-coder, Binny Chauhan -Uml n documentation expert, and Shashank Nirmal - CS pro n addict, though he was a bit laggy in doin project work but eventutally he ended up doin some quality work. With the help of my friend chetan we finalized on topic that is "IDBCS - ID Based Calling System". Well I'l skip the technical part and discuss the non technical aspect of the journey.First half of the final year passed away without bothering about the project and with "aarey baad me dekhlenge" attitude .It was the 2nd half when we actually started thinking of how to implement the project and setting our priorities. Here the interesting thing begins- Our BE trip to GOA.I was all set for fun ride but sadly chicken pox attacked me and my trip became a dream.Entire week was at home having nothing to do, this was the time when our actual project implementation was  inaugurated. Slowly we progressed and finally we had a working project ready. Entire project was completed in a month and half. It should be called "Final Month Project" instead of Final year project. It was a great learning experience.
If you are interested check out audio visual demontration of the project.U'l find in technical stuff about the project.

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bahut time experience

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