Hack Bluetooth using SUPER BLUETOOTH HACK 09

How to hack a bluetooth device near you?

Super Bluetooth hack 2009 is the answer.It is one of the most downloaded Bluetooth hacking tools. Super bluetooth hack 2009 is used for mobile based Symbian operating system to hack & manage any mobiloe near you which is vulnerable to Bluetooth hacking attack.

Download Here (Credit: www.mobicreed.com)
How To Install Super Bluetooth Hack 2009

1) Download to PC.
2) Transfer it to your Bluetooth enabled mobile.
3) Run the Installer (Remember, You must have Java enabled phone for installing i)
4) He finds it and you will be able to run program
5) Select the language and configure it.
6) Click > Connection
7) Click > Search Devices
8) Choose the “Victim”
9) And start managing with following hacks mentioned with Bluetooth.

How To Hack With Super Bluetooth Hack 2009
You can do many things like Read SMS, use & destroy music, disable phone, choose profile modes, block phone and many kiddie things that can be used for teasing your victim.hackBluetooth tool.


Deepak November 24, 2009 at 3:52 PM  

hello sir when i click on DOWNLOAD button i could not get any option to download it.... pls help me sir

TECHNOFROLIC,  November 24, 2009 at 7:39 PM  

hey der is some problm with the link!!
wel u can get from here follow the link..


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