Tweak Windows7 - How to Enable Click Lock in Win7

ClickLock allows you to highlight or drag without holding down the mouse button. To start using this feature once it is enabled, briefly press the mouse button, and when you want to disable it just simply click the mouse button again. Here the simple steps to enable it in Windows 7. 

 Note: Users who are migrating from Windows XP to Windows 7 and are struggling to find Mouse Properties option,follow the given steps.

First of all, right click an empty space on the desktop and then select Personalize.

Personalization settings will be displayed, locate and click the Change mouse pointer option in the left side column.

The Mouse Properties dialogue box will be displayed.

Now click the Button tab and check the option Turn on ClickLock as shown in the following screenshot.

Click the Apply button and that’s it, you are done..
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