Cloud Printing - A Concept by Goolge

According to Cloud Printing concept every new printer will soon support the Google Cloud Print protocol. Under Google's model, these cloud-aware printers will be standalone devices with an Internet connection. Older printers, in Google's vision, will be able to access these cloud-based printing services through a proxy on a desktop computer. This proxy will - at some point in the future - ship with the Google Chrome browser.

The goal is to build a printing experience that enables any app (web, desktop, or mobile) on any device to print to any printer anywhere in the world.

Once every printer is cloud-enabled, Google envisions that users will simply connect their printers to the Internet, register, and start printing from Chrome OS or any other service that supports this new and open protocol.

There are obviously some obstacles to its actual implementation, but it’s an amazing idea. If print jobs are handled in the cloud you won’t need drivers, and most of the problems users have with printing from devices like smartphones and tablets will be solved.

Here's the details of working of the mode


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