Some Must-use Mobile applications.

Here's the list of some essential and freely available mobile application that will enhance your mobile experience.Below list gives the name of some apps that are used in day-to-day activity like dictionary, gmail, maps, messenger and browser apps.
♠ Opera Mini Browser: Its the best n popular browser for mobile phone.A clean, simple and  user experience is available for you, no matter what phone you have.Its has a well designed user interface that allows smooth navigation.
eBuddy IM Messenger: All in one instant messenger which includes MSN, Yahoo!, AIM, ICQ, Google Talk and Facebook chat on the go.eBuddy is available for iPhone, Android, Java based mobiles, Nintendo, Sony PSP and more.
Dictionary: It's a free, offline, java, mobile, English explanatory dictionary application with approximately 34,000 word definitions that allows users to search meanings and save multiple bookmarks.

♠ Gmail Mobile App:A very simple Gmail application for mobile.Check my various gmail accounts on the go. Check emails, send them, forward or reply with the push of button.

Google Maps: This application is really helpful when you want to get direction for any place, distance between two places. Other than this, you can use buzz to see what’s happening nearby, navigation using GPS tracker, real time traffic updates, business listings and more.


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