Google announces new "GOOGLE TV" platform.

Google TV is a new experience made for television that combines the TV you know and love with the freedom and power of the Internet. Watch an overview video below, sign up for updates, and learn more about how to develop for Google TV.
It is supposed to bring  "the web to your TV and your TV to the web".


What actually Google TV is?

Google TV isn't a single product -- it's a platform that will eventually run on many products, from TVs to Blu-ray players to set-top boxes. The platform is based on Android, but instead of the Android browser it runs Google's Chrome browser as well as a full version of Flash Player 10.1. That means Google TV devices can browse to almost any site on the web and play video.It also means that Google TV devices can run almost all Android apps that don't require phone hardware. You'll still need to keep your existing cable or satellite box, however -- most Google TV devices won't actually have any facility for tuning TV at launch, instead relying on your existing gear plugged in over HDMI to do the job.
All Google TV devices will have remotes with some form of QWERTY keyboard, and you'll be able to use Android phones as remotes as well.

Google entering the living room along with partners Logitech,Sony and Intel.


Salmon November 16, 2017 at 11:21 AM  

I can learned many things to read this post. the description google tv and various phones were good.Besides, you can Search Bar Firefox 57 Quantum addon

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