Try making your own Widgets for blogger.

Are you familiar with the widgetbox? It’s the world’s best place to find and create widgets. Flickr, Twitter, Hulu, Youtube and many others are among the most renowned widgets that are offered by widgetbox. This time in the honor of Blogger’s 10th birthday, widgetbox has announced partnership with Blogger that will allow anyone who has a blog on blogger to quickly create a widget of his blog.
You don’t need to manually update it, this widget will take care of the blog updates its-self. This widget can help your blog getting easily discoverable across the web. The widget will showcase posts, images and branding etc.

Here is a widget that is created in seconds for the Google Blogger official Blog.
Widgetbox let you build your blog widget easily and within seconds. You can customise the widget as well. For example, you can change the default colors, background with the help of themes and patterns provided by widgetbox. Your widget will be automatically updated as you create a new post. Another benefit is that you can put this widget on different sites that will eventually drive more traffic back to your blog.

Go here, provide your blog feed address, update the look and feel, publish the widget, and get more traffic. Enjoy!


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