Blogger Tweak : Posts as Headlines Widget.

Here is an interesting BLOGGER tweak that I found which allows to create a Headlines banner of ur posts just like news channels.
This blogger hack displays recent posts as headlines as you can see at the top(live demo) there are headlines of my posts going from right to left.

Just grab the above code and put it in your blog by "Add a new Gadget" then select "HTML/JAVASCRIPT".

Important: Find the Keyword 
"" in the code and Replace it with ur Blog's address i.e your url.

Custommize your Widget now :
  • var nMaxPosts = 15;  This code sets the no of posts in this widget.
  • var nScrollDelay = 175;  This code is used to set the speed of scrolling. Lesser the no, higher the speed of scrolling.
  • var sBulletChar="»»";  This bullet appears before each post link in this widget. You can replace this to any other bullet.
 If u like the tweak or hav any problem with the widget please leave a comment. 


Technofrolic November 23, 2010 at 11:34 PM  

Sorry the script down at the moment..! will get live soon.

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