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EyeSpy 1.1

EyeSpy is a is a PC/Windows based internet monitoring and visualization tool. It will scan and summarize all online activity, and display a realtime, interactive map showing the geographic location of all endpoints communicating online. Features: Visualize all online activity using an interactive and navigable world map. Track hundreds of endpoints in real time and 100,000+ endpoints in near real time. Track detailed information for each endpoint including addressing, geographical and Organizational/ISP information. Link each endpoint to the process or application communicating with it. Record and save every Byte of transferred data, and easily review it later. Filtering and display features allow you to customize EyeSpy for many different monitoring scenarios. Export Endpoint information to a spreadsheet and save screenshots

Supported Operating System(s) :Windows Vista, Windows XP,
File Size :23756 kb
Version :1.1
License Type: Open Source
Requirements: Geo IP Database
Author's Website : Click Here for More Information.



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