Frolic Gadget : The BRIX concept phone

Designer Seokwon Hong has come up with the Brix concept phone that takes an unorthodox approach to daisy chaining your device.The Brix phone might just be a concept at this point in time, but the idea behind this concept is definitely interesting enough to warrant a commercial production. The whole front surface makes up a touchscreen, allowing you to access all your contacts, messages, and multimedia files via a touch-based interface. What makes the Brix special is the ability to string with another Brix, doubling the screen real estate in an instant. Heck, even a temporary virtual shared folder is created, bringing content from both devices together until they're disconnected. The best part would be chaining a virtually unlimited number of Brix handsets to form a really large (and probably expensive) TV.

The front section is 100% touchscreen with no receiver or bezel in sight. There is good reason behind that idea, since you can connect an unlimited amount of Brix handsets together to expand your viewing area.

When two or more Brix cellphones are strung together, a temporary virtual shared folder will be created, enabling you to merge content between the devices until they're disconnected. Would you like to see a handset like this make an appearance at a cellphone store near you, or do you think this is an impossible design at the moment?


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