Frolic Gadgets : Most sexy future products.

I found some of products that you will probably see in future.
So here is the list of some sexy future products.They look really amazing and every one would like to own one of them.They are not only appealing to the eye but could also be very useful. Take a look because in my opinion… Half of these might actually be real some day.

*Flameless Rechargeable USB Lighter

The Brix Phone (read more...)

*Newsware - Digital Toolkit for Journalists
 *USB Digital Camera Fakes Analog

* Toasty - Reto Toaster like a Cassette Deck

 *Eizo C T-One - Both a Mouse & Remote Control

*Rubber Mobile Phone

*Optimus Tactus Keyboard - a tough surface keyboard similar to iPod Touch

*F1/Carbon GMT Concept Watch

*Canvas by Kyle Cherry

*Atlas Kinetic Cellphone

*Cocoon - Taking Computing to a New Level

* Glo Pillow - Stimulates Sunrise to Gently Wake you Up

*LG 17-inch Monitor Mod

*Hand Held Digital Wallet

*Curved iMac Concept



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