Blaze - Application launch made easy.

Do you still click Start>Programs>etc. to open Windows apps? How quaint. Seriously, there are better ways, and this is one of them.

"Blaze is an innovative utility designed to automate most of the unique recurrent tasks that arise from everyday usage. Such tasks can be launching applications, making small calculations, sending emails, inserting recurrent excerpts of text or even renaming files!"

With Blaze, you don't have to worry about the start menu items or desktop shortcuts. With a few keystrokes things just happen! Moreover, you don't have to be afraid of repetitive anymore!"

Features : 

There is no doubt that Blaze is an application launcher. Therefore, he presents most of its counterparts features:
  • Launches Applications.
  • Browses the File-System and the Web.
  • Searches for stuff on the Web.
  • Performs calculations.
  • Creates emails on-the-fly.
  • Inserts quick texts.
  • Perform CMD commands on a specific Explorer Window.
  • And more...
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