Audi Calamari ,The flying Car.

Audi Calamari concept car brings future a step closer

In response to Porsche Hungary’s design competition Tibor has come up with a ‘flying’ concept car obviously intended for the very distant future.
The designer says that the shape was inspired by the skeleton of a cuttlefish which gives is a look halfway between a sports car and a speed boat. Some existing Audi styling cues can be seen such as the huge air intake which approximates the shape of the radiator grill on modern Audi automobiles.

The Calamaro is supposed to run on ‘clean fuels’ but its not clear how since the air intake isn’t connected to anything and there seems to be no visible means of propulsion — or flight — or anything else!
Hovering and forward motion could be controlled by tilting the engine slightly, plus the engine’s weight should be enough to keep the vehicle level. As it has no wings to provide lift, the rotors could never be perpendicular to the ground like a true tilt-rotor…except in a free-fall. It couldn’t fly fast like a plane, but I believe it would work…however inefficiently.



Ansil Babariya February 8, 2017 at 12:45 AM  

Thanks for sharing information about Flying car

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