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We are in the communications age, and with geographical distances between people it plays an important role. Good software to communicate is essential for those living far from their families and loved ones and video chatting software like Skype deserve a big hug. But Tech2 is about providing choices, and there is a choice out there by Logitech, called the Logitech Vid software, made for video chatting with your webcam.

It’s a software designed by Logitech themselves to use with webcams, just like Skype. Download it from here, there are both Windows and MAC versions. But one point needs to be clear, it's free, but only for Logitech webcam users. Now the truth of the matter is that Logitech is very popular in the webcam segment, and chances are that many have Logitech. They are genuinely good webcams. Those who don’t, it’s a 30 day trial for the Vid software.
The setup is quite simple, with illustrated steps, about 4 in all. You have to make an account, and then add a friend. The thing here is your friend(s) too must have this software installed, it does not cross platform. (What was I thinking) Thus for purpose of this review we installed it on the tech2 crew’s machines. There's one point I need to make - immediately as you add a friend, by typing in his/her email address, you have to re login, then only will his/her name appear in your friend list.
If they aren’t currently a Vid user, they’ll receive an e-mail asking them to join Vid. Once they click on the link to accept, they have to install. Once this person is on your contact list, we have to click on the thumbnail picture of them on the main Vid page to make a call. Overall the setup was easy, and fast.

The webcam we have is a Logitech S5500, a deluxe model by them. Now for regular uploading and webchat a nominal speed of 256 kbps upload/download is required, but 512 kbps is good. We started video chatting, and found things very similar to other market software available. Before making your first call you can test your recording process, which is actually a breeze if you are backward integrated with a Logitech webcam itself, as all the settings are then automatically synced up, making a video call all set up at installation only. Thus we realize that this software is really meant and optimized for Logitech webcam users.

A good feature of the Vid software is that the resolution of the video is automatically reduced or increased if there are bandwidth issues, but the frame rate is more or less 30 fps. 30 fps is smooth video for the human eye, and I think it's smart to have stutter free video, albeit on a smaller size window, rather than data drop outs while web calling. The max res available is VGA-640 by 480 pixels.

All in all the software is very good. It’s got a great GUI and simple set up process. But then the issue is quite straight up, it works best with a Logitech webcam only, and it's not free for non Logitech customers. This way it limits itself. But those who own a Logitech webcam it is definitely recommended, it's free and nice.



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