High-tech, green backpack for the Campus of the Future

For the students of the future, here’s the most avant-garde yet green back pack that will assist in studying and keeping in touch with the world too. Carlos Suarez is the brain behind this ‘ahead of its time’ kinda project schemed for the Campus of the future exposition in Hawaii. The idea was to showcase innovative products and education systems for the near future. Since the sponsor, Herman Miler, was adamant on designing the future back pack for a specific field of study, Carlos chose to design a 3 product system for the future Environmental Engineer.

The first is an Ultra Mobile PC (UMPC) that includes satellite phone, GPS, and satellite internet. The other products support the first such as a backpack with solar panels that recharge the UMPC and a tent that uses solar energy to erect its memory metal frame and power a flexible LCD fro classroom communication.
This completely sustainable green back pack will allow students or research teams to set up camp in a remote location while remaining in contact with the outside world.
Targeting the environmentalists, archeologists, biologists and anyone else who needs to conduct studies in a remote location, this backpack is still a concept and it doesn’t seem to be hitting the production stage any sooner.
So guys we will have to make do with our share of simpler eco-friendly alternatives available in today’s times.



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