Frolic tech: Nokia Nano technology

Nokia Company and Cambridge University (Great Britain) presented conceptual nano technic device Nokia Morph at the Museum of Modern Art (New York, USA). This device demonstrates how the mobile technique in the future will stretch and bend and will be transformed in different forms. Flexible materials, see through electronics, self - cleaning surfaces - all this is possible in nano technology.

"We hope that this combination of science and art will present nano technology potential to a wider audience. The research that we lead are fundamental since we are looking for safe and controllable ways of new materials usage" reported doctor Tapani Ryhanen, the head of the Nokia research center. The Nokia and Cambridge University partnership was announced in March 2007.

The Nokia research center has its division in the Cambridge University and cooperates with some departments but firstly with Nano Science center and electrotechnic department. Common projects are connected mainly with nano technology.
Some Nokia Morph elements can be integrated in the mobile devices in the next 7 years. Nano technology can make cheaper the mobile devices production and will allow acquiring more functions with lower price.



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