What’s next for Yahoo and Twitter?

Will Yahoo is able to compete with the world’s most news making microblogging site Twitter?:-According to the Twitter website, ”We plan to build Twitter, Inc into a successful, revenue-generating company that attracts world-class talent with an inspiring culture and attitude towards doing business.”

Twitter always follows user’s behavior and pay close attention to feature requests. They have launched mobile site m.twitter.com on user’s request. Twitter aim is to keep things simple and intuitive and this feature also promises the same. Twitter has observed that people wants interesting ways to share the feedback with each other and organize themselves as well as the updates into different categories or groups. Twitter always initiate to work according to the requests.

Now Yahoo is also stepping forward for Micro blogging. Yahoo- A name which needs no introduction has stepped in the field of Micro blogging by introducing ‘Yahoo Meme’ .A site quite similar to Twitter.

To understand this One should know what is Micro blogging? The answer is , on internet many social networking sites are active. These Sites enables its users to send and read messages and update them with day to day happenings. Micro –blogging is a text based post. Yahoo is also coming up with this social networking site and people around the world can communicate by text based post.

Not with much show off, a soft announcement of yahoo on micro blogging is ‘Yahoo Meme. Yahoo Meme is now in English earlier it was launched in Spanish and Portuguese.
This service is currently in an Invite only mode. At yahoo Meme users can easily create the account after receiving invitation and in turn will get a blank blog for micro-sharing text, music, pictures, and videos or can include all of them at a single platform. Meme users can search for other users using the Find option on the top of the page and Follow them to receive their Meme updates.

Meme s setting panel has minimal options like Meme title, 100 character Description, avatar/photo and notifications. Along with that, Meme also offers page layout customization with Themes.

The Yahoo Meme is identical to Tunblr, twitter, powence and many others. Now the question is how to register? Registration is quite simple one has to go to the site and follow the steps only which gives a Meme URL based on Username like http://meme.yahoo.com/Username.

The whole registration process is very simple to understand which in returns offers usernames Urls that s just like Twitter and Facebook.

Meme users can have threaded conversations in the Comment option under every meme post. Also, users can repost the Memes of other users quite similar to Tumblr offers Reblog and twitter offer retweet.

Meme service seems very basic and needs improvement simultaneously. It also lacks of several features that other competing service into micro-sharing offer.

Just like Twitter Trends, Meme has a popular option that shows Memes posted by users recently.


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