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Although , the Google Search Engine is smart enough to give you the best result related to your query but if you use the following command it will give you better and efficient result.You might not be aware that Google Search Engine is itself a Calculator. you can use arithmetic operations like addition, subtract, multiplication and divide in the Google search engine query box

i.e 4*(25/5)-4 type this in google and see result


Google Search Commands

Time: To know the current time of any city or country just type time: plus city or country name , it will tell you the current time of that location


weather: To know the current weather status of your city just type weather: plus city name , Google will show you the current weather report of your city


Stock: To know the Stock status of any company listed in NASDAQ only , just type Stock: plus stock name, Google will show the current stock price .

Note: Stock command will show only for the company listed in NASDAQ only not for Indian BSE or NIFTY

for example : if i wanna know the present stock price of google then i have write query Stock: Goog ( ‘Goog ‘ is the Google listed name in NASDAQ)


filetype: – This command is used to get the file in specific format such as if you wanna seach relate to technology then you can use this command as

filetype:pdf technology

filetype:xls technology

filetype:doc technology etc…

You can use the extension of the file format that you are looking after filetype: plus a space and then type your query


Link: This command will show the total no. of quality backlinks that your site has.

{ }

Site: This command will show the total no. of cache pages in google

{ }

Info: This command will show the information related to the site

{ }

Related: This command will show the related site to particular one,

{ } , this will show the list of sites which are similar to

I hope that the above written command will be helpfull to you, may be i am skipping some commands but at this time i remembered only these, if you wanna share some thing related to this post.. then your comment will be really appreciable..


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