, or you can also call it Ring Phone, is a new breakthrough

Mobile phone technology. Basically, it’s a small headset that you can wear like a ring in your finger (and that’s where the name comes from). As other Bluetooth device, it’d remain connected to your cell phone as long as you’re within 10 metres range.

One of the benefit of the ring phone over a normal Bluetooth handsfree device is that this handset can be used in a huge crowd to hold a conversation without having any trouble listening to the person at the opposite end. This is possible due to the bone conduction technology that the ring phone uses.

The ring is expected to wear on the user’s index finger. If the user wishes to talk, he/she insert the ring into his ear. The “electromotive speaker” transmits vibrations through the finger and provide a clear and perfect sound within the ear without any interference from outside. Similarly you need not scream your voice hoarse if there is too much background noise. Speak softly, the device picks up the vibrations made and the result is a crystal clear conversation. Now you can safely make a private conversation eventhough there are many people around you.


Digital Zapals November 22, 2016 at 5:25 PM  

Wearable electronic device Ring is Ring allows users to control digital devices with a wag of the finger. Hills in Tokyo on Wednesday to celebrate its arrival in Japan. Unlike most of the crazy tech that pops up on the JT site, this could be the next globally pervasive technology. Finger Phone, you can also call it Ring Phone, is a new breakthrough. Mobile phone technology.

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